BioNora is the heart and soul of Noramisú. Born in a the small town of Bisenti Italy, Nora’s love for cooking and baking began as a small child watching her mother and Aunt preparing family meals, she started to help them in the kitchen and her passion was born. She met her husband in Rome and they married in 1977. Leaving their native Italy, the family came to the United States in 1993. Nora continued to cook and bake delicious treats for her growing family, five children, and now including several grandchildren.

With over 30 years of baking experience, Nora was persuaded by family and friends to perfect her recipe and to make her home made treats available on a larger scale. In 2006 the dream of Noramisú became a reality.

Nora brings the tastes of Italy to the United States for all to enjoy. She continues to bake her hand made cakes, pastries and desserts with the freshest ingredients, and the best of all she puts a little love into every treat.